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Aldoraydea of Alcyone

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Releasing and Healing

Posted on 23 August, 2014 at 4:55

Take a look at the negative way you may be seeing and feeling everything in your life, look at the real truth of it.

Don't blame anyone, not even yourself and let go of any guilt.

Accept each experience in your life as a stepping stone to a greater awareness of how your life can be more filled with understanding.

Examine each situation and experience for what it truly is, forgive and release without blaming yourself or someone else just because you think it should be or should have been done differently.

It is what it is and how you accept it is your own responsibility.

Become aware of negative thoughts and actions and replace them with positive and allow yourself to see life in an entirely different light.

Remember what you think or focus on is what you will get (law of attraction).

As soon as we are aware of any negativity in our lives, if we change it around to a positive aspect right away, we will understand it for what it truly is and deal with it in a positive way thereby bringing more of what we truly desire into our lives.

If you truly believe and feel it that you are one with whatever Higher Power you believe in, then you will see things as they truly are and release all negativity thereby allowing only positive thoughts, actions and energy in as well as sending positive out.

There are no failings, only steps to infinite peace and harmony.

Even the most positive spiritually centred person can still have negative issues occur.

How it is perceived and dealt with makes the difference.

Don’t give energy to the negative.

Ask yourself what did I do or think to bring about this situation and what can I do to change it so that it will be positive, even if all you can do is let go of it.

No matter what the situation, give thanks for it, because there was a reason for it. Remember we only get stronger.


So in closing

1. deal with issues as they arise

2. stay calm and focused

3. don’t blame

4. ask for guidance and follow it

5. bless the situation and all concerned

6. see the situation for what it truly is

7. change what we can

8. release it



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