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Childhood Memories

Posted on 1 December, 2017 at 3:15



What if we could turn the clock back to a time when belief was simple.


Believing that what we felt to be true was just knowing it to be true.


As those thoughts went through my mind, change happened, to me and my surroundings.


My hands became the hands of a child and I was sitting in front of a mini Christmas Tree.

The tree was small because it was the only size that would fit inside our trailer.

It still was the most amazing tree, so brightly decorated with lights and tinsel and

incredibly beautiful cardboard Santas decorated with red and white velvet felt and glitter.


My Daddy had the light bar on his movie camera all aglow; and boy was it bright!!!


I was still in my pajamas and waiting so impatiently.

All I could do was stare at that package under the tree.

I knew Santa had received my letter because he wrote me to say he had.

My letter asked for just one thing; A Tiny Tears Baby Doll.


At last, Daddy was all set with his camera and Mommy was handing me the package with my name on it.

I held it and closed my eyes and then opened them as I tore the paper away.

I am sure Mommy let out a huge sigh as I destroyed all the beautiful work she had done

to make that package so beautiful with ribbons streaming down like a rainbow waterfall.


I had it open!!!! With paper and ribbon all over the floor!! In a box looking back at me was that Baby Doll

and all I could do was keep hugging it and grinning from ear to ear with tears rolling down my cheeks.

“Thank you, Thank you, it is just what I wanted!!!


Memories are what we make of them.


I am back in the present now and looking forward to holding another baby doll in my arms again.

But this one will be a living breathing one, a beautiful baby Great Granddaughter!!


Merry Christmas!!!!


May you make memories that last a lifetime!!!!!





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