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Please go to the "Contact" page and send message

for more information and to set up appointment.

Maximum time on each session is 2 hours.

Any longer than that is too exhausting for you and me.

I will be beside you throughout the entire session.

I will converse with you and guide you.

We will do healing and releasing in each life you visit.

Past Life Regression, Releasing and Healing

  • Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt immediately at ease with them as if you already knew them.
  • Have you ever passed someone on the street and felt attracted to them?
  • Have you heard children talk of something that happened in the past they couldn't possibly know or have heard about?
  • Have you ever had a past life regression?
  • Have you ever asked yourself, "Why is this happening to me?

Each session is never more than 2 hours, as it can be overwhelming for both of us.

Together, we will receive guidance through past life regression as well as release and heal each lifetime. I do not use hypnosis and you are fully aware of what is happening. I guide you through by seeing and feeling what is going on in each lifetime with you. I am also there to safeguard you and make sure you are reminded that you are only viewing, not reliving.  

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