Aldoraydea of Alcyone

Aldoraydea of Alcyone

Guidance & Healing for Mind, Body & Soul


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Aldoraydea is my star name from Alcyone (a star in the Pleiades star system).  I have been receiving messages and visions for as long as I can remember, but professionally since 1990.  Sessions can be done in person, on the phone, via scype or through email; and your confidentiality is always respected.  As well as being a psychic/medium, I do clearings and blessings in person or by distance, past life regressions to assist you in clearing and healing the
the past/present/future; and as a Certified Reiki Master
Teacher, I present you with certificate upon approved completion.  My guide has been with me since birth and her name is Jane (not an exotic name, just plain and simple). 
I talk with her about everything.  As a Lightworker, I utilize modalities such as Psychic Medium, Energy
Treatment, Past Life Regressionist, Teacher/Facilitator,
Counsellor, Reiki Master & Teacher, Ordained Metaphysical Minister & more.
I believe it is important that you know I am only a channel for the readings and treatments.  Whatever answers, messages, guidance and/or energies are received, they always come from a Higher Power.
Through sharing with others I hope to be able to help them gain knowledge and enlighten their lives.
I was ordained in 2008 as a Metaphysical Minister and I am currently working on my Doctorate.

Metaphysical =  More Than Physical
Reading, Reiki, Past Life


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