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Please go to"Contact" page and send message

to arrange payment, set appointment and/or request more information. 

Do you have a group of friends or relatives

that would like to get together and have readings?


I will come to your location.


Group readings can be no more than 6 people.

When doing a group reading with

everyone, we will be seated together in one location;

I ask for messages to come through and

then we discover who the messages are meant for.

Fee is $150 Cash for the group per hour.


A group with individual readings can be no more than 6 people.

When reading individually, I require a private room, if possible.

The fee for individual readings is $75.00 cash per person for a 30 minute session.

If you would like your reading recorded,

please record on your cell phone or other device.


The host or hostess receives a free reading.


Group readings, individually or in one room together,

are awesome because with several people willing to receive messages,

the energy is very intense.​ 

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