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To order any of the following online course sections, use the "Add to Cart" button below.

When finished, please use the "Checkout with PayPal" button on the "Cart Invoice".

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As a thank you gift,

anyone purchasing the

entire "Take Back Your Life" online course will receive a free 25% off certificate that can be used towards the purchase of any other single session  provided by 

Aldoraydea of Alcyone.

"Take Back Your Life,

Improve It and Be At Peace

New online affordable course at your own pace!!!!



I understand how difficult it can be to commit to a certain day and time to attend meetings. That is why I have developed a method by which you can be active in developing a more loving, rewarding, peaceful and fulfilling life.

These sessions have been developed so that you can complete each one at your own pace.

I have also made them affordable for everyone. Invest in yourself for only $40.00 for the first session and $60.00 for each session thereafter;

and only pay for one session at a time

or pay for all at once and get a discount.

Each session can be emailed, faxed,

mailed or picked up personally.

If you prefer, you may purchase all sessions

at once for a prepaid fee of $300.00.

These sessions are simple and easy to follow, yet they will give you the tools and understanding you require to "Take Back Your Life, Improve It and Be At Peace".

I am also available to answer

any questions or concerns that may arise.

I have developed these sessions with the belief

that everyone will benefit from them.

Please contact me

through the contact page

for more information.

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